About Me

As a child, I always appreciated the creative freedom that art bestows. Just as writers or painters can escape into worlds of their own imaginings, capturing images became my own creative escape. In the same breath, I have a deep respect for the technical knowledge that is needed to give art structure. For me, art is the intersection of science, imagination, innovation, and ingenuity. My first forays into photography, quickly grew fond of capturing images at night, specifically of street scenes and classical architecture. I enjoyed the almost surreal aesthetic as well as the technical prerequisites need to accurately capture it. This love was further deepened by the potential in post-production. When I learned that Photoshop is not only a means to edit images but also a catalyst to more complex forms of expression, I was hooked.

I’ve been shooting for more then 5 years with a concentration in night photography; specifically capturing street scenes and architecture during these hours. Aesthetically speaking, the images I capture range from realism to surrealism.

My other focus is in the editing, manipulation, and control of images through Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Aside from the standard adjustments and edits, I’m skilled with nondestructive dodge and burn edits using overlay filters and blending modes and the high frequency separation used in minor beauty retouching.